Read 2018 Annual Meeting of the Macy Faculty Scholars

In June 2018, the Macy Foundation convened the Macy Faculty Scholars, the program’s National Advisory Committee, and mentors of the 2017 Scholars in New York to discuss their projects and careers, participate in...

Read Report from a Convening of Grantees on Educating and Training to Professionalism

The report summarizes a convening of the 19 grantees who received funding from the national initiative, Educating and Training to Professionalism, co-sponsored by the Macy Foundation. Watch what some of the grantees...

Read Conference Summary: Improving Environments for Learning in the Health Professions

In April 2018, the Macy Foundation hosted a conference to identify the elements of optimal health professions learning environments and recommend actions needed to better align them with patient needs and societal...

Read Special Report of the President

In a new special report Macy looks back at ten years of progress and accomplishments, and spotlights the people and ideas that will continue to bring about change in health professions education reform.

Read New and Developing Medical Schools: Motivating Factors, Major Challenges, Planning Strategies Part 3

Michael E. Whitcomb’s new report highlights the motivating factors, challenges, and planning strategies faced by the six newest US medical schools and offers important lessons learned as they begin to enroll classes...

Read Achieving Competency-Based, Time-Variable Health Professions Education

Catherine R. Lucey, MD, chaired the June 2017 Macy Conference whose proceedings are recorded in this report, Achieving Competency-Based, Time-Variable Health Professions Education.

Read 2017 Annual Report: Achieving Competency-Based, Time-Variable Health Professions Education

The Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation supports moving to competency-based, time-variable health professions education. Read about our work in the annual report.