Knowing Better, Doing Better

Our 10-year strategic plan calls for bold changes to learning environments where clinical care is delivered, including hospitals, community clinics, homes, and other outpatient settings.

Called Knowing Better, Doing Better, our strategic plan reflects our confidence that, by applying the latest knowledge, clinical learning environments can improve outcomes for patients, health care professionals, and the communities they serve. 

To develop the future workforce of health professionals, we need learning environments that align with 21st-century needs. Our plan calls for investments in developing, expecting, and supporting exemplary learning environments, focusing on three primary objectives: promoting equity, increasing collaboration, and navigating ethical dilemmas. 

Healthier people healthier communities diagram including promoting diversity, equity and belonging, increasing collaboration  among future health professionals, and preparing future health professionals to navigate ethical dilemmas

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Developing exemplary learning environments

Our learning environments must inspire and uphold the highest standards of the profession so that together we can ensure optimal learning for our trainees and exemplary care for our patients. 

Characteristics of an ideal learning environment list. People's health is the priority. The climate is equitable and diverse and creates a sense of belonging for all, including patients, health professionals, and their learners. Learners have real responsibility and relevant, meaningful experiences. Psychological safety exists for all, including patients, health professionals, and their learners. Collaboration characterizes the clinical care team.

The importance of career development 

Educators of future health professionals play a leading role in developing and nurturing exemplary learning environments. Career development of these educators is critical not only for teaching and guiding the next generation of health professionals, but also for these educators to become institutional and national leaders. 

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