Bridging the Gap for Incoming Medical Residents

Residency is often seen as the defining stage of medical education, but for new medical school graduates, the transition can be quite challenging.
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Read 2023 Annual Meeting of the Macy Faculty Scholars

In June 2023, the Macy Faculty Scholars family--Scholars, National Advisory Committee members, staff, and special guests--gathered in New York City to engage in meaningful conversations about the state and future of...

Read Abortion Restrictions Devastating Impact on Medical Education

Abortion bans and restrictions are directly harming pregnant people who have lost the ability to make decisions about their own health. They are also having a devastating impact on medical education.

Read Ensuring Fairness in Medical Education Assessment

2022 Macy Conference Recommendations

Read Accurately Measuring the Quality of Clinical Learning Environments

When it comes to improvements and innovations in Health Professions Education (HPE), one of the most important questions is always, what is working and what isn’t?

Read Ensuring Inclusive Parental Support in Medical Schools

In so many cases, parents or prospective parents in medicine have to make painful choices which make it hard to be successful both as a student or doctor and as a parent. But what if there were ways to support these...