News and Commentary New Academic Medicine Papers on Competency-based, Time-variable Education

In “Competency-Based, Time-Variable Education in the Health Professions: Crossroads”—a new Academic Medicine supplement—experts explore what it will take to transition to an education system in which students advance at their own pace, as they master a set of specific concepts and skills.

These articles build on the set of recommendations issued by Macy last year to guide health professions educators and accreditors in building toward a competency-based, time-variable education system.

We hope you read the articles and use the information to inform your own efforts to move away from the traditional fixed-time model of education.

More News and Commentary

An Education System that Works for Everyone

Macy Conference Chair Catherine R. Lucey, MD, discusses the importance of transitioning to competency-based, time-variable health professions education.

Improving the Maternity Care Workforce through Interprofessional Education

“Increasing the maternity care workforce to reduce shortages and planning for the future by working together while providing the best care to women and their families is a goal everyone can get on board with.”

News alert: Medical education is changing!

Dylan Masters, MD, Anesthesia Resident at UCSF and Macy Conferee, discusses the recent conference on competency-based, time-variable health professions education.

Lessons Learned: Building a Competency-Based Medical Education Pilot

“The road to this point has been both fun and at times challenging. For the learners in the program and the many faculty who have participated, they would argue the journey is well worth it.”