News and Commentary Bridging the Gap Won’t Be Easy

Last week Macy President George E. Thibault, MD, sat down with Joe Cantlupe of HealthLeaders Media to discuss Macy’s new report on Aligning Interprofessional Education with Clinical Practice Redesign. The two talked about the current push for more collaborative care that is taking place in today’s healthcare system and the hurdles that need to be overcome in order to keep momentum. The root problem, Thibault said, starts with the lack of integration between academic and clinical settings.

“I think we’ve got a moment in time in which change is around us. Almost no one can defend the status quo,” Thibault said during the interview. To bridge the gap, Macy has indicated what healthcare professionals and academics must do to coordinate their goals for the future. Read the full interview here.

Stemming from Macy’s January 2013 conference, the new report outlines recommendations for educational institutions and healthcare systems to align efforts to transform 21st century patient care.

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