Dr. Skeff is the George DeForest Barnett Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine at Stanford University, and Co-Director of the Stanford Faculty Development Center (SFDC). Dr. Skeff was the internal medicine residency program director at Stanford for two decades. He received his MD from the University of Colorado and his PhD from the Stanford School of Education. 

Dr. Skeff’s academic career has focused on methods to assist faculty and residents internationally to improve their teaching effectiveness, resulting in the development of the Stanford Faculty Development Center (SFDC).  The SFDC uses a dissemination approach that trains faculty from institutions internationally to train their own faculty colleagues and housestaff to become more effective teachers.  Since 1986, the SFDC has trained 389 faculty trainers from 156 institutions in 19 countries to become local, regional, and national resources for the improvement of medical education. These faculty have, in turn, assisted over 15,000 faculty and residents to improve their teaching effectiveness. Recently, his research interests have focused on physician distress and professionalism, using qualitative research methods to identify and address the multiple triggers for physician distress related to the EMR. 

Dr. Skeff has been a Regent and is a Master of the American College of Physicians and serves on the Macy Faculty Scholars Program National Advisory Committee.