Olanrewaju Falusi

MD, MEd The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Olanrewaju (Lanre) Falusi is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences focused on the intersection of health equity, advocacy, and education. As Medical Director of Advocacy Education in the Child Health Advocacy Institute of Children’s National Hospital, Dr. Falusi develops community-based curricula for trainees and faculty and researches the health outcomes of governmental policies. She directs the Children's National LAUnCH Track, which trains pediatric residents to become leaders in advocacy and community healthcare delivery. She has held local and national leadership positions in the American Academy of Pediatrics and has spoken at conferences, in Congress, and in the media on topics including poverty, immigrant health, and antiracism. 

As a Macy Faculty Scholar, Dr. Falusi will convene a workgroup to create and implement a tool for patients and their families to provide feedback on how well trainees address social determinants of health and health equity in a clinical encounter, thereby guiding and improving curricula.

Aisha Barber, MD, MEd, FAAP, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Director, Pediatric Residency Program at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, will mentor Dr. Falusi.