Jackie Judd

Communications Consultant

Jackie Judd is a communications consultant who works with nonprofit groups in the fields of health care and human rights. Her career has been devoted to communicating with broad audiences about critical and complex issues. 

A longtime journalist, Ms. Judd previously reported for ABC News, CBS News, NPR, and the PBS NewsHour. She began covering health care reform during the first term of the Clinton Administration. She also extensively reported on the AIDS epidemic in the United States and disparities in women’s health care. Throughout her journalism career, Ms. Judd covered other aspects of social policy, politics, and major international events related to democracy movements. 

She spent a decade at the Kaiser Family Foundation where she had a broad portfolio. Ms. Judd moderated numerous events with national health care leaders, produced and reported documentaries ranging from the broken health care system in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina to the 40th anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid. She developed workshops for journalists in areas with emerging AIDS epidemics such as Russia, Ukraine and the Caribbean region. In the early years of Kaiser Health News, Ms. Judd led the multi-media team that complimented KHN’s digital reporting. 

She continues to be a frequent participant at national health care events, serving as a moderator and interviewing national leaders. Ms. Judd has been a regular participant at the annual Aspen Ideas: Health festival and has also led conversations for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Camden Coalition, the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, among others. 

Ms. Judd has been recognized with many awards, including national Emmys, an Edward R. Murrow Award and was part of a World News Tonight team awarded a Dupont for coverage of women’s health disparities. She is chair-emeritus and a member of the Board of Trustees of the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation, a member of the University of Wisconsin’s Initiative to End Alzheimers Board of Visitors and serves on the media fellowship advisory committee of the NOVA Institute for Health. She has served as an advisor to other nonprofit health care organizations.