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Macy Projects Spotlighted in US News & World Report

Last week, US News & World Report’s Beth Howard reported on some of the innovative ways medical schools are transforming health professions education and building new programs to teach the doctors of tomorrow. From early immersion in patient-centered care to having more opportunities to train in multidisciplinary teams, Howard says future doctors are getting a much different medical school experience. Included in Howard’s mix of some of the “most significant emerging trends” were Macy-funded projects at New York University and Vanderbilt School of Medicine.

At NYU, under the direction of Dr. Marc Triola, medical and nursing students are paired to provide care for “virtual” patients with conditions ranging from hip fractures to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. At Vanderbilt, under the direction of Dr. Bonnie Miller, students get face-to-face time with patients from the start. First-year students conduct interviews with patients at the local clinic and help them understand new drug prescriptions, while second-year students help patients transition from hospital to home, in some cases even following up with house calls.

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