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IPE Conference Video

Alexandria, VA

Those who were not in attendance at the recent Macy Foundation conference on IPE, which took place April 1-3 in Alexandria, VA, can view video excerpts of the proceedings here.

Introduction by George Thibault, MD


Plenary I, Featuring Scott Reeves, PhD, MSc, PGCE


Q&A with George Thibault and Scott Reeves


Plenary II, Featuring Polly Bednash, PhD, RN, FAAN and Malcom Cox


Q&A With Polly Bednash and Malcolm Cox


“IPE in the VA” with Rebecca Brienza, MD, MPH


Plenary II, Panel Discussion on IPE in the VA - Centers of Excellence


Plenary II, Panel on Education / Delivery System Links to Promote IPE


Plenary III, Featuring David Irby, PhD



Q&A From Plenary III



Reflections on the Conference, Featuring Linda Headrick, MD


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