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New Discussion Papers from the National Academy of Medicine

Washington, DC

Guided by an 18-member steering committee, the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) has called on more than 100 leading researchers, scientists, and policy makers from across the United States to provide expert guidance on 19 priority focus areas for U.S. health policy. The resulting collection of discussion papers released today is organized around three overarching goals for the United States: better health and well-being; high-value health care; and strong science and technology.

Among the Vital Directions for Health and Health Care collection, Dr. George Thibault and co-authors examine the roles, relationships, and capabilities of today’s health and health-care workforce and how they must evolve to serve the needs of the American people better throughout the 21st century. Read Workforce for 21st-Century Health and Health Care: A Vital Direction for Health and Health Care to learn more.

On September 26 in Washington, DC, the NAM will host a public symposium, Vital Directions for Health & Health Care: A National Conversation, to discuss policy directions proposed in these papers, identify outstanding questions, and explore cross-cutting opportunities.

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