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From The President


Discussing the IOM Report on GME

New York, NY

On July 29th the Institute of Medicine publicly released its report on graduate medical education entitled Graduate Medical Education That Meets the Nation’s Health Needs.

I urge all stakeholders to read the report in detail and focus on the principles and not hypothetical numbers. This is a very complex subject. The report is well written and carefully reasoned, and it could provide the rationale for continued federal funding of GME at the present level (and possibly even increased levels in the future).

I ask everyone to focus on these five principles:

1. Making a GME system that is accountable with some form of public reporting.
2. Making a GME system that meets the public needs in the size, specialty mix, geographic distribution and skills of the physician workforce.
3. Making a GME system that provides incentives for innovations.
4. Having a stable funding mechanism for GME with opportunities for planned growth, as needed.
5. Better aligning GME with a changing delivery system.

It is my hope that we can use this report to promote a fair and constructive dialogue among all stakeholders.

Read the full report.

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