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Dena Hassouneh on Being a Macy Faculty Scholar

Dena H. Hassouneh, PhD, ANP, PMHNP of Oregon Health & Science University is a member of Macy’s 2011 Faculty Scholar Class. We sat down with Dr. Hassouneh to hear about her two years as a Macy Faculty Scholar.

What did you achieve with your Macy Faculty Scholar project?

I completed a national grounded theory study of the experiences of faculty of color in nursing, medicine, pharmacy and dentistry. I have published several articles to disseminate those findings and am currently working on a book, which I expect to be completed by February 2016. It is my intention that the book will contribute to promoting the satisfaction and success of faculty of color in health professions education in the future.

What has being a Macy Faculty Scholar meant to you?
Being selected as a Macy Scholar has been a tremendous honor as well as a validation of the importance of my ongoing work focusing on faculty of color in health professions education. The generosity of the foundation has enabled me to conduct my research on a national scale and really expand my body of work.

How did being a Macy Faculty Scholar impact your career?

Becoming a member of the Macy family has been quite an experience—I never anticipated the amount of growth I would experience over a two year time period. As a result of this experience I fulfill my faculty role differently than I did before going through the Scholar program. My voice is stronger and I am more comfortable with myself as a leader in health professions education. I have become an emerging leader in my area of study. I am now connected to some of the most accomplished clinicians, health care researchers, and educators in the country.

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