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Our Grantees

Across the Foundation’s priority areas, our grantees are working to improve the health of the public through innovative research and programs.  The Foundation awards up to 40 grants on a rotating schedule each year.

The Nexus Learning Ecosystem: Vision, Action, Results

Theme: Interprofessional Education and Teamwork

Institution: University of Minnesota

Grant Type: Board Grant

Award Amount: $300,000

Grant Awarded: January 2018

Principal Investigator: Barbara F. Brandt, PhD

The National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education will create the Nexus Learning Ecosystem, an online learning environment to support the advancement of interprofessional education and collaborative practice (IPECP) among key stakeholder groups in real-time, allowing individuals or groups to choose the best resources available to meet their specific IPECP needs through guided, independent learning.

This ecosystem will utilize standardized learning frameworks and will be built upon current technology platforms using the National Center’s expertise to support constituents in real time to create their own solutions as they implement IPECP. To accomplish this goal, the National Center team will utilize an active group of IPECP experts to assist in a situational and gap analysis that will lead to the development of learner roadmaps. Foundation funding will support the development and testing of the ecosystem with two prioritized groups of learners, as a new, robust way to provide a greater number of these learners with what they need, when they need it, more efficiently and effectively.