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Our Grantees

Across the Foundation’s priority areas, our grantees are working to improve the health of the public through innovative research and programs.  The Foundation awards up to 40 grants on a rotating schedule each year.

Integrating Shared Decision-Making and Interprofessional Education

Theme: Interprofessional Education and Teamwork, New Curriculum Content

Institution: Dartmouth College

Grant Type: Board Grant

Award Amount: $441,728

Grant Awarded: May 2014

Principal Investigator: Glyn Elwyn, MB BCh, PhD

Dartmouth College will use Macy support to teach health professions students in medicine, nursing, and physical therapy how to achieve effective shared decision-making with patients and how to conduct motivational interviews. Students will learn the basics of the curriculum asynchronously and then will be taught to function in effective interprofessional groups to achieve both shared decision-making and develop consistent implementation plans. The curriculum will be designed to be compatible with distance learning.

Through this project, Dartmouth will:

  • assess the feasibility of developing a cohort of trained standardized patient coaches (SPCs) that can use video conferencing and other educational technologies to deliver key skills to a range of students in healthcare professions using virtual encounters and virtual team simulations, supported by a content-rich online platform;
  • leverage more than a decade of work on conceptual and related measure development—the Three Talk Model of Shared Decision Making, CollaboRATE, and Observer OPTION—and use them for educational purposes;
  • use SPCs in a distance-learning mode, using video conferencing, in both one-to-one simulated interactions and in group-based simulations;
  • place the curriculum into an asynchronous learning platform that can be accessed by an unlimited number of students; and
  • demonstrate the ability to recruit students from different professional schools for both asynchronous and synchronous material.