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Our Grantees

Across the Foundation’s priority areas, our grantees are working to improve the health of the public through innovative research and programs.  The Foundation awards up to 40 grants on a rotating schedule each year.

A New Conceptual Model for Continuing Education

Theme: New Curriculum Content

Institution: Massachusetts General Hospital

Grant Type: Board Grant

Award Amount: $165,113

Grant Awarded: May 2008

Principal Investigator: Eric G. Campbell, PhD

The recent Macy Conference on Continuing Education in the Health Professionals raised a number of questions about continuing medical education. This proposal from Eric G. Campbell, PhD, of the Institute for Health Policy at the Massachusetts General Hospital, addresses four of those questions: 1) What types of CME work best? 2) How much CME do we need? 3) How should this set of CME activities be organized? and 4) How should this set of CME activities be paid for? The researchers will then produce a white paper on a new conceptual model for continuing education and the implications for the cost and source of funding. The Macy Foundation awarded a grant of $165,113 for the one-year study to be completed January 2010.