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Featured Grantees

Across the Foundation’s priority areas, our grantees are working to improve the health of the public through innovative research and programs.  The Foundation awards up to 40 grants on a rotating schedule each year.

Featured Grantees

Reframing the Academic Medical Center through Interprofessional Effectiveness

Building Care Teams Through Narrative Medicine Interprofessional Education at Columbia University

With funding from the Macy Foundation, Columbia University brought its program in narrative medicine to medical, nursing, dental and public health students to improve teamwork and fortify their clinical practice.

Innovative Tools for Evaluating Interprofessional Competencies

Innovative Tools for Evaluating IPE Competencies IPE Assessment at UCLA

With a grant from the Macy Foundation, an interprofessional team of investigators from medicine, nursing and evaluation sciences are developing six new innovative tools to evaluate interprofessional competencies.

Passing the Torch:  Fostering Medical Humanism Through Faculty Role-Models

Fostering Humanism through Faculty Role Models Faculty Development at Emory University

In clinical settings, medical students and residents observe and learn from the behaviors and attitudes of more senior residents and attending physicians. To ensure this “hidden curriculum” of medical education is positive, Emory University created and tested a 12-month faculty development program that will help physician-teachers improve their humanistic skills and become better role models for the residents they supervise.

Using Blended e-Learning for Interprofessional Education

Enhancing Interprofessional Education Through E-Learning Interprofessional Education at the University of Kentucky

A consortium of five southeastern universities is developing a blended interprofessional education curriculum that combines online learning with the more traditional face-to-face instruction and experiential learning that occurs as students transition from the classroom to early clinical experiences.

Interprofessional Learning Exchange and Development Center (I•LEAD)

Preparing Collaborative, Practice-Ready Healthcare Providers Interprofessional Education at Case Western Reserve University

Now in its fourth year, I-LEAD involves students from medicine, nursing, dentistry, and social work in interprofessional learning opportunities that are woven throughout each school’s curriculum.

Caring for An Aging America

Caring for an Aging America Interprofessional Education at the University of Pittsburgh

Through a combination of classroom and clinical experiences, students in the schools of pharmacy, nursing and medicine at the University of Pittsburgh are brought together to learn how to care for an aging population.